Junk Drawer’s Pride event is the crown jewel of our series, and this year we’re really set on turning you out. Incredible music, stunning visuals, with cuties and hunnies everywhere. Don’t gag, we bring it to you every time. 

Saturday June 22, 2024

11:59pm – 6am    21+

J U N K _ D R A W E R presents



VENUE //// TBA. This year’s pride party will be a big, comfy space. Venue with full details will be announced to tickeholders in an email.

THEME //// Planet Soul. Do with that what you will. 

BYOB /// We are going with a proper underground vibe for pride this year….This party will be BYOB.  We will have ice, cups and water but the rest is up to you.  

WATER ////  We will have water stations throughout the space.  It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the night.  We will have cups but we encourage you to bring your own water bottle to reduce waste.

HARM REDUCTION + SECURITY //// Our incredible harm reduction crew and security team will be on site and available to help if the need comes up. Please feel free to check in with them at any point throughout the night

PLAY SPACE? CLOTHES CHECK? /// Yes and yes… It’s pride, darling. Come prepared.


  • NO BIGOTRY in this house!
  • LOOK OUT for yourself and one another
  • BE MINDFUL of the space you take up
  • CONTRIBUTE to community


cay horiuchi weaves in multitudes of genres from house, humidifier bass, disco, zouk, city pop, to ambient into their playful set, guiding the dancers to a place beyond binary and borders. Through their set filled with imagination and infinite giggles, they wish to help create a sweet dance floor where people can dance freely with friends and lovers under the sun and the moon.

wngdu has solidified themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the North American dance scene. We’re so proud of the work they’ve been doing, and they’re ready to provide a fabulous sunrise set.

PIPS is no stranger to a Junk Drawer dancefloor. From providing creative direction, to yassifying our play spaces, he has his finger on the pulse of what our crowd wants, and he’s the perfect opener for this lusty party.

Mike Ojeda is a Colorado-based visual artist and designer who leads the creative floral design studio, Club Flower. With roots in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Mike has immersed himself in event and underground dance culture for over two decades working throughout areas of event production, touring, and artist-relations. His work has been displayed with Junk Drawer, Honcho Campout, Honey Soundsystem and their record label HNYTRX Records