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Karim Olen Ash (TORONTO)
Naasha (DENVER)

Sunday, January 15th
3 – 10pm


VENUE //// Venue address TBA. We’ve found a GREAT new venue you definitely haven’t partied at before. The address will be announced in an email to ticket holders a few days before the event. This venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

PLAY SPACE + CLOTHES CHECK  //// There will be a play space off to the side of the dance floor, FYI

TICKETS + DONATIONS //// A batch of “Early Bird” tickets are available at $25 then the rest are “General Admission” just slightly more at $30. We are also adding an option to DONATE to Junk Drawer on the ticket page.

We bust our butts off to make this party happen and believe it or not we barely squeak by EVERY TIME. This is because we INSIST on keeping our party affordable and accessible AND we believe in paying our DJs and visual artists as well as we can . This means that our profit is miniscule .

If you believe in what we are doing with this party and you can afford to put a little more money toward our efforts, we’d like, really love you for it.


According to NOW Magazine’s “One’s to Watch” music issue, Karim is “destroying dance floors across the city.” From building inclusive spaces to producing and performing, Karim’s vision hasn’t shifted: make people dance. With sets running the gamut from House to Vogue, Techno to Disco; Karim knows how to create the the perfect blend to keep the crowd in motion.

Growing up surrounded by a rich spectrum of sound, Karim defies the constraints of genre and instead blends the world’s of old, new and unknown leaving audiences simultaneously familiar and curious. Karim’s forward thinking sets and dedication to evoking body movement leave no surprise that he is steadily rising to Toronto’s top tier and garnering attention internationally.


@nashaification is an Afro-Indigenous queer graphic designer, DJ and producer, based in Denver, CO. NAASHA has an eclectic approach to all her DJ sets from house, techno, and club to drum & bass, jungle, and Chicago footwork. NAASHA recently appeared on Boiler Room that took place in the historical venue Catch One in Los Angeles, CA. Playing alongside Juke Bounce Werk’s DJ Noir and Jae JBW. As well as Alleygorgon and Kozee. You can find NAASHA on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Bandcampectic style of DJing draws from a wide variety of influences, from post-punk to ambient to electro, stitching a multitude of genres in a single, seamless mix.