presents BABYGIRL (New Orleans) & PIPS (Denver)

2pm – 9pm


>>>> TICKETS HERE <<<<<

VENUE //// TBA. Venue with full details will be announced to tickeholders in an email

NOT BYOB /// we have a full bar!

PLAY SPACE? CLOTHES CHECK? /// No clothes check or playspace for this one but you know that dancefloor will be frisky-friendly

ABOUT BABYGIRL /// Babygirl is a DJ duo made up of Five and Bouffant Bouffant. They cut their teeth in New Orleans dive bars, sex clubs and warehouses before Five made the move to Brooklyn, NY landing them a monthly residency at Black Flamingo, a sweaty basement with state of the art hi-fi sound system playing host to all things Disco and House Music. Expect diva vocals, soaring saxophones, angelic pianos and bang the box jacking house music all night long from this best friend/duo.

ABOUT PIPS /// PIPS cut his teeth as an emerging DJ and music lover in Austin’s underground scene and has been coming into his own in Denver, CO. No stranger to a queer dancefloor, his distinct taste mixes attitude with joy, lightness, and rhythm. His keen understanding of queer beauty and expression comes through in his approach to collecting and mixing music. You know him, you love him and he knows you want to dance.

Tickets start at $20. Get em while they’re hot.